Syndicate of Lethargy

by Execration

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released August 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Execration Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Fleshfire
Lifes lost, claimed by the forgotten ones
Rotten soul, holy flesh

Your memories haunt you
the unloved and hated,
the blasphemous whore

Colors blend, in nightmares descend
incandescent betrayal, time to repent

Lost ones ripped apart
Flesh burns, it frees your being
Unloved whore, the hated one
To blasphemy you owe your demise
Track Name: Disciples of the Suffering
Walk the path of horror,
the path you have walked before
Stare into its white eyes,
into its soulless nothing

Prepare your sacrifice, perpetual suffering

Listen to its voice,
the voice you've heard before
Obey its every word,
devour your fear and find your pride

Disciples of the suffering,
its time to make your final offering
Track Name: Syndicate of Lethargy
Spewed into the world
Flesh and mind apart

Stripped for any reason
Gorged with greedy hatred

Martyrs! follow his commands
Onward! no quest ions asked

Follow the bloodline of mendacity
in the wake of your brutality

Total obedience, no thruth but our thruth
The unclean must be lashed down

Wiped out on the bat t lefield
Squandered in his name

Obedience has a sweet reward:
Choking in your gore

The young blood must be inseminated
Disposed in the syndicate of lethargy
Track Name: Kuroi Kiri
Chaos within
Crimson tears

Vultures circling
awaiting the prey

Taste of blood as tears touch my lips
Chasing the dragon to soothe the pain

Searing fire inside out
Numbed to the brink of extinction

Ordered to bear the mark
Ordered into the black mist

Searing fire
Soaring delusions
Slowly eaten up
Slowly burning
Track Name: Swarming Locusts
Open landscapes on a charred surface
Souls lingering, unwilling to dissolve

Homes wrecked in the face of damnation

The sky turns red as the seven trumpets sound
Swarming city, city full with dreams
Swarming locusts, disintegrate their hopes

Pale specter speaks to the world
Your lands shall be laid waste
Your bodies ridden with disease

Bloodred skies close in
The seven trumpets sound
Bring them to their knees

Swarming city, city full with dreams
Burning city, city laid to waste
Swarming locusts, disintegrate their hopes
Track Name: Voracious
You are the almighty leader,
enforcer of world order
You are the all-seeing father
callous slayer of evil

Dominion - an act of mercy
Delusion - your holy cross
Divine crusaders of depravation

Encircled by a veil of lies
Confined in your freedom
Slaughtered on your altar
To feed your voracious fear
Track Name: Subconscious Warfare
Born into slavery mindlessly obeying
Craving salvation spreading the evil
Corrupt the mind feast on the fear
Death is the beginning for the rigtheous one

Subconscious warfare targets the weak
Curse the world in his name
Spreading like a virus deceiving the young
Obey the invisible leader
Track Name: Submission to Falsities
Cleansing soil
face the direction of truth
Submissive positure
arrival of clarity

Sacrifice this flesh
eternal reward
The dead is multiplied

Those akin left behind are praised
The grief supressed
overshadowed by the deed of killing

A massmurderer chosen, a release
Decision, leave with pride

Life stolen from innocents
Relentlessly ripped from the body
Lifeless limbs scattered
Once alive now splattered and gone into nothingness
Track Name: Clinging to Existence
Funneled through briers and thorns
Following the path of least recistance

Striving to become the bright elite
Eternity spent in the shadows

Breeding like deranged creatures
Comforted in perverted positures

Extolling a higher meaning
Clinging to existence

Time always churns imperceptibly
Slowly putting it all to silence