Execration launches new track "Ancient Tongue"

In celebration of their appearance at the Beyond the Gates festival in Bergen, Norway, Execration is proud to announce the brand new track "Ancient Tongue". The digital single is the first new material from the band since the critically acclaimed "Odes of the Occult" (2011).

"Ancient Tongue" was recorded specifically for the single, and will also appear on the band's third album, scheduled for release in early 2014. The track shows the band further exploring the direction taken on "Odes of the Occult": combining raw and uncompromising death metal with frequent dynamic shifts, and above all, atmosphere and aggression.

In 2013, Execration still delivers death metal that draws clear influences from the old days without being a "retro band", and that sounds modern and fresh without even resembling the mass-produced and soulless modern technical death metal.

Artwork by Kristian Valbo, band photo by metaloath

Out now through Duplicate Records

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Odes of the Occult cover

"Awesome. ... won't disappoint anyone with a soft-spot for uncompromising and obscure death metal". Avantgarde Metal

"'Odes Of The Occult' is a must for anyone that holds varied old school death metal dear." 81/100 Lords Of Metal

"This is great old style death that hits dead on, ready to satisfy your need for crushing morbidity. Bloody hails for this one." Metal Assault Radio

8/10 Rockerilla Magazine

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